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Mud Dragon


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Hey y'all,

I have joined this forum because I'm curious to learn about qigong and other forms that promote health and longevity. I need a physical practice that's both simple, holistic and that can compliment or possibly replace my other practices. Also keeping an eye open for any method that compliments my aims.

I suppose my ultimate aims would be immortality and enlightenment. For now I will settle for less bodily discomfort, any physical means to cultivate physical, emotional and mental balance along with greater energy.

Unusual abilities and psychic faculties are something that I have an interest in developing. In my view, the development of supramundane ability is something which would come with being highly realized in terms of balanced enlightenment. From what little I know about Daoist immortals, they are said to have various beyond-common abilities too. I'm not terribly attached to the outcomes. Been through the power-seeking rigmarole when I was a youngster. Blocked up my throat that way, doing western esoteric stuff. Went pretty looney. Spent more than 6 years sorting it out. 

If I do become wiser and can maintain some degree of health as I age, I will be very happy.

I haven't really investigated Taoism. I have spent a multiple year measure of time investigating and learning Buddhist practices. Prior to that I was involved in what might be considered western esoteric thought and practices, along with investigating yoga and tantrism.

I'm male, and almost 28, if I recall correctly. Maybe that matters to someone. Maybe it's relevant to what I practice. I don't know much at this stage. I'm also left handed, and that seems to be a factor with some of the energy practices I've been investigating and practicing.

What brought me here (mostly) was my investigation of Falun Gong. See a few months back I was looking for some way to help alleviate some of the problems I've had with my spine and internal energy system that new age yoga teachers haven't been able to help with. Instead they were like "you were injured because the universe is trying to tell you to practice yoga." Which I find absurd, since I was practicing yoga prior to having a serious accident and injury.... I digress.

I have to say, I firmly believe accidents happen.

Anyways, having tried the five exercises of falun gong, I said "wow this stuff is doing something profound, I can really feel something happening." So I started to read the literature. I read The Falun Gong book, I listened to the 9 lectures a whole bunch of times. I ordered the Zhuan Falun book.

Much to my chagrin, I found Mr. Li Hongzhi says a whole bunch of things which don't fit with Buddhist doctrine. I hesitate to investigate how Taoist his ideas are. He makes a bunch of baseless statements which I could neither verify nor ascribe credulity to. But at the same time, I did get a falun implanted before he mentioned it being a thing, and when he mentioned falun, mine was really energized. He has some powers, or is linked into a power system of some kind. It's exact nature I can't discern. But he's no Buddhist, as he doesn't seem to know what nibbana is or what it means to be an arahant. He does seem to think he's an enlightened being of some variety or another. But at one point or another he claims an arahant can regress to become an ordinary being, unintentionally! He says in more than one place that infinite planes are limited. he claims to explain higher dimensions and then utterly fails to. He says he will make remarks about going beyond the five elements and three spheres, and fails to clarify anything. Also he makes statements about the space in Amida Buddha and other pureland paradises being limited to a certain umber of individuals (in the hundred thousands.) Part of Amida Buddha's vow is that his paradise would accommodate countless beings. Not to mention the whole apocalyptic aliens and technology conspiracy ideas... which appear to be in the process of being sanitized. Also the way he makes certain statements, sounding uncertain and then clears his throat. If he was a westerner I would be absolutely sure he was knowingly full of shit. But I find I don't well grok people from asian cultures. At least not quite as well as I grok people from the culture into which I was born. So maybe I'm way off about the tone of voice and body language.  :closedeyes: I won't mention that I'm attached to sutras, tantrism, and practice mantra recitation. So giving that up to practice his looney religion simply won't happen. He says you can't accomplish anything by doing his exercises and practicing anything else. Apparently it's too delicate for the separate Taos and Buddhas to sort out. He says Buddhas are separate from each other!

I do like how Falun Gong is given away freely. That really appeals to the Buddhist values I have bought into. I also like it's simplicity. It's quite effective at energizing the body. I like to drink and curse and smoke though. Plus the whole "give up cultivating Buddhism and follow only Dafa or fail at both" ultimatum.

I'd like to continue to practice Falun Gong. But I'm concerned with the fact of the leader being not what he says he is. I mean, I could throw away the books, and just do the exercise. But the fact is that practicing the forms seems (to my mind) to imply being influenced on an emotional and mental level by the mental and astral gestalt of Falun Dafa. Not to mention the implant! I feel this might impede my progress, and moreover, limit my future possibilities. Heck, it might cause me to descend.

I wonder if anyone can point me in the right direction...! I need a simple exercise regime that will gel with my hermetic Buddhist view and practice. I'd like to continue with Falun Gong. But the matter of it being tied to a group whose ideas I reject seems to pose a few problems to which I haven't a sure remedy (aside from emptiness.)

I'm very open to doing Daoist exercises, as I've done Hindu ones before. The Buddhist exercise systems I'm aware of are relatively inaccessible to me, and seem at least as complicated as their Hindu counterparts. I'm looking for simplicity with efficacy.

Also if anyone has a simple method for immortality or extreme longevity.... ping me a few times, and I'll make myself as receptive as I can to dream and trance transmissions.  :P 

Holy wall of text! How often do I repeat myself? Enough blather I suppose.

With sincerity,


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Hello Mud Dragon, and welcome.


Your membership is approved and we're happy you found your way to us. We look forward to accompanying you on some of the way that you still have to go.


Please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum terms and rules. This covers all you need to know when getting started.


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you,


Marblehead and the TDB team



Hi Mud,


Yes, that is one hellova wall of text for an introduction.  I am sure you will find many who will be willing to talk with you about your interests.  Please do copy/paste this intro into an appropriate forum / sub-forum.  You will get more viewers and responders that way.


You are welcome to jump right in ongoing discussions, revive an older thread, start a new thread of your own, or start a discussion in the "Newcomer Corner" sub-forms to expand on your introduction or ask general questions to help you get started.


May you enjoy your time here.



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Immortality and enlightenment do not come without practice, practice, practice, and letting go of the aspirations for them.


Good luck in finding a practice that suits your needs, and welcome to the bums, Mud Dragon, happy to have you here :)

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