Was Nina Kulagina a Taoist without knowing it?

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This Russian lady was capable of mystical feats without her being regarded as either a Taoist or a Buddhist. How did she inherit these powers? Probably her spirit was already very strong due to karmic evolution as a result of spiritual practices in previous lives.


Here's a page about her:


And a video sample:




The wikipedia says something very interesting:


Nina said that in order to manifest the effect, she required a period of meditation to clear her mind of all thoughts. When she had obtained the focus required, she reported a sharp pain in her spine and the blurring of her eyesight.

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Anyone can develop abilities, it`s not like you can`t if you don`t belong to a certain religion. But of what use are they? Cool toys that can distract you.


Anyway, this is a better video. Of course it could all be indeed a trick.




crap I forgot how to embed, here`s the link:

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