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Hello, just a short greetings to all here. I've read posts here for a while without adding comments or my personal experiences. I thought perhaps I would post some thoughts and/or questions of interests on various Taoist and meditation topics. I am a software engineer and team manager for a well known software company, but have been involved in the martial arts (both traditional kung fu, karate, and also more modern MMA including Brazilian Jiujitsu and submission grappling) most of my life, had a number of out of body experiences early on in my life, and later began more more structured meditation over the last 10 years that has evolved. However, would like to share experiences with potentially even more experienced members and perhaps get feedback that might help my own growth, while also sharing some of my own insights that might help the growth of others. I belief that in general life teaches me through experience, and it's very important to me to take advantage of the opportunities life presents to learn so that I don't have to repeat lessons. Also I proactively seek to also learn from the experiences of others so as to bypass certain negative experiences whenever possible :).





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