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  1. Are the ethics really being practiced?

    In the book "Opening the Dragon Gate" Wang Li Ping is depicted as being being very modest in his earthly possessions and material needs. If the point of asking money for instruction is to demonstrate dedication by sacrificing your own material possessions, I would gladly give the sum requested away, but would rather give it to the needy and poor to demonstrate my dedication and lack of attachment to material wealth. If this is indeed the intention, then they should be willing to instruct as long as I'm giving the money away... just a thought.
  2. Sang Kung

    Again, regardless of your opinion, I've personally known several masters who practiced hard styles exclusively and all of them began to develop severe arthritis once over the age of 45. A couple of them realized they were too focussed on the hard aspects and started practicing softer tai chi and qi gong and the effects of arthritis gradually disappeared. Hard styles tend to close/block and damage the joints causing arthritis. Hard styles should be offset by exercises or movements designed to open the joints and connect the meridians to let stagnant qi flow. If you don't believe me, just practice nothing but hard martial arts for 20 years and then come talk to me when your arthritis starts.
  3. Look at my video

    If you held that last one for an hour good job. One thing to note. Your left shoulder gate is blocked. Work on swinging that arm around a lot and focus attention on actively massaging and loosening the muscles there. Regards.
  4. Sang Kung

    Yes, hard style done exclusively over many years will result in quicker aging and usually also very bad arthritis. I've seen this in several masters who did nothing but hard style external martial arts.
  5. Sang Kung

    The physical and energy bodies can only handle so much of certain types of energy at one time due to blockages in the mental/psychological/energetic. Yang should be brought in and then balanced with yin. It should also be circulated, and if necessary released if it is too much. You can tell if it is too much when you start finding yourself quick to anger, nervous, over-bearing toward others, and generally stressed or tense. Additioanlly, if it is not either appropriately circulated or released through use, your physical body will begin to get sick in the places that it is trapped. For a person who is adept and opening all (at least the major) energy channels in the body, Yang always enters as at the same time as Yin. In a person who is just starting and cannot open the appropriate channels at will, they will tend to bring in either more yin or more yang, and the one type of energy gets blocked up in some part of the body. This is what causes sickness. Drawing in and storing energy in your dan tien or some other energy center should not be your first main focus when learning. It is better during your first few months of training to focus on appropriately stimulating and opening the major and minor joints of the body and learning open these at will and keep them open in order to open the complete channels. The joints are major energy channel gates in the body. Start with the feet, then legs (on leg at a time), and then move up to the perineum, and then opening the dan tien. When you get to that point, you can focus on pulling in energy through your perineum up to your dan tien. If you have learned to open your leg channels you will find that as you draw in energy through your perineum up to your dan tien, energy will also be at the same time drawn up at least one of your legs (from the heal) to the Dan Tien. One is Yin, One is Yang, and they will mix in the Dan Tien. Have fun... be balanced... don't over-due it and go crazy... undo your blockages and procede at a modest rate.
  6. Spontaneous qigong

    Actually, this isn't any different IMHO from the higher/est levels of Qi Gong of any style. The ultimate goal is always Wu Wei or formlessness and/or spontaneous flow. I definitely think that the practice of this even at early stages is very beneficial. However, learned forms are also essential for one very important reason: Both the physical body and energetic body gets trapped into patterns or habits... sometimes to such an extent that to do anything other than that pattern is completely outside the energetic or physical consciousness. Thus, a person may move freely/spontaneously, but it will tend to be in the context of known movement patterns because these are what feel most natural and are naturally followed by your energy (following the easiest path like water which will choose to go around a hard object if it can rather than through it). It is similar to expression through speech... I may speak spontaneously, but I'm not likely to use words I don't already use on a dail basis... thus the flow will be restricted by the boundaries of known patterns. So, learning specific forms either through a teacher or (even better) through personal investigation of your own patterns and boundaries (becoming more self aware of your habits and patterns) is essential to expanding the boundaries of your expression (expanding your vocabulary). To be effective, both paths should be walked simultaneously. Learn knew movements, and learn to move into and between all known patterns spontaneously and fluidly. This is Wu Qi, or Wu Xing Qi if you prefer .
  7. Master Dong Yang Internal Sword

    Is it possible for anyone to be worse at forms than this?
  8. Notes from my search for immortality

    Lol, you take my comments too seriously. When you work out the issues that cause that you'll open some major energy blockages.
  9. Notes from my search for immortality

    Wow... that's a really really admirable effort... but somehow just sad. Somebody didn't tell this guy that ascension doesn't come from retaining Semen.... oops.
  10. immortality process

    Interesting... not quite sure I follow the differences, but perhaps just because I'm ignorant. In most of my OBE's I do feel as if I'm leaving via the top of my head, but I do not feel myself re-entering/integrating through the top of the head. On one occasion I had a very energetic return in which my physical body was lying face down on the floor (I had been doing meditation and rolled over before leaving my body... oddly it's easier for me to actually leave while on my side or stomache). As I re-entered my home and came down on my body I tried lying down with my energy body's back side down while my physical body was face down. As I tried to enter a ton of orange and red sparks started flying all over the edges of my bodies where they were touching, and I began to feel very strong energy sensations. I couldn't quite get myself integrated until I flipped around face down and then I phased back into the physical. It would be interesting to know/understand the difference between a yin body and a yang body while out of body. I do know that it is very draining for me to leave my physical body unless I've built up a lot of yang qi in my dan tien. If I do it too frequently it feels like having sex too frequently and I sometimes get sick. Early on I learned not to do this too frequently because of that unless I spend time charging up first.
  11. immortality process

    I can leave my body on a fairly regular basis (although it's usually quite draining so I generally avoid it) and "travel". These experiences started when I was young (around 13) and doing Dan Tien focus breathing. However, I do not think this makes me an "immortal" any more than any other human being is. I think these are just beliefs created as an attempt at interpretation of experiences that come naturally when one cultivates inner awareness and personal energy gathering and manipulation.
  12. The ultimate

    If we knew, it would sure take a lot of the fun out of the process.
  13. David Shen Verdesi Press Release

    I'm not saying I doubt it's possible, I only doubt that this particular individual is really doing it. I've actually done something similar in smaller scale to several friends during qi gong practice as well as when giving girl friends massages. However, it was done without control (not on purpose). For example, if I've done quite a bit of meditation and stored a lot of yang, the moment I would touch my girlfriend lightly on one shoulder in preparation to give her a massage she would have a strong spasm of that arm and it would jerk upward. I've also felt it pass from me into the person when this happens (but I'm not always aware of it). Again this is not on purpose, but happens so frequently I can't imagine what else it might be... and I am not in control of it because I can't willingly do it (although I fear that in a confrontation it would happen naturally). I think I've seen enough of John Chang to be convinced. When you see him touching people and seeing very real spasms in their muscles, that's not so easy to fake I think, and I doubt the whole camera crew and everyone visiting is in on it (although I suppose it might be some hidden device, but at one point he's nearly naked). However, in the demonstration of this other guy in the video it would be much more convincing iff the students were actually in the air (say a flying side kick) and then in the middle of the air were stopped by some invisible force and propelled backward without ever being touched or having their feet on the floor. Of course, then we would all say it might be on invisible strings... so maybe Chuck Lidell against this guy would still be better.
  14. standing meditation is overrated?

    All of my meditation is either lying or sitting. I prefer lying since out of body experiences occur more frequently here and lead to higher level experiences and interactions with guides. Also, I can gain tons of physical type energy more quickly than sitting as it's easier for the entire energy body to expand and take in yang through the feet (or one foot) and yin through the lower gate simultaneously and mixing/balancing them together throughout the whole body energy field. Sitting meditation is fine as well, but for me standing is only useful when in motion to encourage circulation (Moving qi gong or tai chi).
  15. David Shen Verdesi Press Release

    It would be nice for someone to do one of these demonstrations (even on video) with a well known MMA fighter who is a non-student of the teacher. THEN, at least there would be enough to make people go Hmmmmmmm.