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Time Traveler

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This I found on the net



Hi. I'll try and answer everyones questions so far in this post.

In response to PackerBacker -

Of course the internet isn't the most effective way to go about it. I can't do anything until the time arrives for me to put my plan in action. So until then, I'm stuck here for a long time with nothing to do.

I am "disrupting the flow" for the better of everyone. Therefore, I am a good dude. smile.png

I have come prepared. However, it was unknown exactly when I would arrive here. I for one was not expecting to arrive so far back. But in any case, I can give you some general facts that will occur. Hillary Clinton will be president. The most inhumane terrorist attacks will occur when bombs are detonated in Catholic schools in America after Clinton is elected. More race riots will errupt in France, however the event is not staged by the ethnic population. Australia will also face race riots. Iran and Syria are invaded. These facts are the underlying events that will cause major problems down the track.

In response to Warrior381 -

I came here in a flying saucer. You see, flying saucers are not extra terrestrial but they are much more advanced then the aircraft flying around in 2006. Let me put something to you. In what time period accounted for the most "UFO" sittings? The cold war era of course. Now why where they flying around during that time? The answer is that they where sent back to stop confrontation between the Soviet Union and the United States. They had a meaning for being there, just as I have a meaning for being here.

The future holds many exciting events for you. It is (or will be) interesting times that everyone will be living in. The world will face a global transformation on the way people see and view things. This in turn, will make for some tense scenarios seperated by two very different views of opinion.

I am from the year 2038.

In reply to OllyB -

There is civil war in more then one country. France, Germany, Australia or America. Which one do you wan't to know about?

Hahaha nope, I didn't see him. I'll say Hi to him on the way back if I see him

In reply to Darby -

No need for me to draw a diagram. Just use a search engine to find "Flying Saucer". You can get a rough idea by looking at the pictures.

I didn't solve time travel. I'm just the pilot, not the inventor. I have experience in flying some of the most advanced aircraft of my time. I was a fighter pilot in WW3 where I was recognised for my talents. My outstanding record alongside the contacts I know/knew, landed me this posistion. The location of my family also played a huge role in the decision of choosing me to go back.

P.S My other self said Hi.


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