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The Magic of Interdependence: How Mantras Produce Results

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The Mantra of Interdependent Origination (Skt.)


ye dharmā hetu prabhavā hetun,

teṣāṃ tathāgato hyavadat,
teṣāṃ ca yo nirodha,
evaṃ vādī mahāśramaṇa

Ye dharmma hetuprabhavā hetun-teṣān-Tathāgata āha,

teṣān-ca yo nirodha evam-vādi Mahāśramaṇaḥ

All phenomena arise from causes;
Those causes have been taught by the Tathāgata 
And their cessation too has been proclaimed by the Great Śramaṇa.

Through ignorance karma is accumulated, the cause of birth is karma.
Through knowledge karma is not accumulated.

Through absence of karma, one is not reborn.



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