Mars goes direct today in Scorpio

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A few months ago Mars went retrograde... this is similar to driving past a car that is going the same direction you are. At first you are both moving forward, but it appears to slow down, then appears to move backwards as you move past it.


The effect is one of fluid repositioning. The feel is similar to if you and someone else were in a room with a window - you were both slowly walking, but then you move forward past them so that they are between you and the window. Now if you look at them they are back-lit, which is very different from before when they were front-lit.


Moreover there is an unexpected quality to this - often we become accustomed to the feel of a certain motion past a certain backdrop with a given planet, and are a bit unsettled when that motion begins to go backwards. It shakes us up a bit until we realize the motion is taking it back through a familiar backdrop, terrain we have just explored.


That's sorta where we are right now. Scorpio is a backdrop, a window that is a little intense. Mars goes full circle every couple years, and goes backwards and forwards a bit, but not very often in the intense backdrop of Scorpio. Overall Mars has an activating type of influence, and is seen in our actions and those of others.


So now Mars is done traveling backwards through that familiar territory we've gotten used to and is changing to a forward direction again today. It'll still be traveling through that same window we've been through twice now in the past few months, but the unexpected change in perceived motion can throw us off balance if we aren't ready for it.


So that's all this post is about. Hey, momentum is changing, be ready for it! These are subtle forces, so maybe you won't even notice. But if things start feeling unpredictable, that's why. Because this is our third round through, now is our best opportunity to really sort out any lessons we've been facing. We probably know the answers by now, so should be easy to get things right. Good luck!

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