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Jim D.


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The question of after life is interesting. But I have decided to take control of what I want to become after my rotting corpse is turn to ashes in the crematorium. I have instructed  via my Will to have my ashes placed under a tree, so that I will be taken up by the tree as nourishment, which in turn will help the tree to grow and create leaves every spring. In the fall, the leaves will wither and die, and drop to the ground beneath the tree only to decompose and once again become fertilizer for the tree which will keep on growing and producing through its cycle of life. And therefore, I live on eternally until this planet is drawn into the sun's ever expanding size and intensity...and perishes  only to change me once again into something different.


I have thought about reincarnation. You know, you live your life in a different form until you learn what you are suppose to learn. What if you are assigned the body of a fly, and you live the cycle of a fly's life, and you die because its the end of your life cycle as a fly.  What is to become of you then. Who does the assigning? Who's driving the bus on this one?


Or for those of you that practice the religion where it is promised that you will be raptured up, but only 188,000 thousand of you get to be raptured. Who gets to be raptued and who doesn't? How does that work? Because I know the raptured population has expanded quite a bit since the publicaiton of the above promise. Who was the first witness? That person must have felt pretty special. And how did he get into the 188,000 Club, and who was in charge of the rules on how to get into this club? I wonder if there was some sort of ceremony. You know, "blood in and blood out" thing.  Oh, what if you got in and your were a bad boy or girl. Did you get a second chance? And on, and on, and on...


Or how does one decide what Philosophy is the way to absolute truth and knowledge? Everything is flawed in some way. You just haven't noticed it because you were so convinced that your conclusion is the way. For insance, let's take John Watson's experiment on poor little Albert whom Watson  knew had "wet brain" at the onset of his experiment to prove his hypothesis that you could condition a child to fear a soft cuddly animal like a rabbit. Well, right from the start Watson's experiment was flawed because of an independent variable he did not control for. So, anything that Watson came up with that he concluded was the truth for this individual would not apply to the greater population of children because his experiment was already flawed. But Watson and his findings about little Albert ended up in Experimental Psychology books anyway and was taught to unassuming first year collecge students.


What is my point and I quote: "Government, laws, institutions, and all things artificial, were opposed by Toasim, because it thought that every modification of nature is the cause of pain and suffering. Intellectual knowledge is also dispised, because it makes distinctions and thus destroys the mysterious whole..."


I don't know about you but if we had a Philosopher-King there wouldn't be much getting done accept a lot of iscussion about what came first, the chicken or the egg, or the mind or the body, or existence or non-existence, or do I exist (Well of course I do. Who's that sitting on the chamber pot. It sure ani't Charlie because he's already done with his bizzness. And he's already thrown out his self made garbage out the window. And I can smell it, or is it me. Another Philosophical notion to ponder ad finitum).



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