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Jim D.

Time and I Ching

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Just finished watching a talk on Time and the I Ching. I posted my ideas regarding awareness fo Dao, or the transended Dao. Terrance  McKenna seems to be in agreement. Let me say this for now. I deep mediation there is a core experience of no sensation of time passing. It seems to stop. The waves of Consciousness seem to be divided down he middle allowing for the unconscious to emerge and express its timeless dimension. I have experienced this phennomenon using mood altering substance Cannabis (my historicla past). For me, time slowed down incredibly as was evidenced by looking up at the clock, looking way to talk with someone, and then looking back at the clock and remarking to myself that the hands had not moved at all, or just slightly. THC had interferred with the potentiation of my neural pathways at their receptor sites. Analogous to this phenomenon we might say that deep meditation also interfers with our sense of time. McKenna seems to be a brilliant man. He has a facinating theory on Time and the I Ching. I wonder what Einstein would have said about his theory?



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