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The Secret of Synarchy

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Hi Melanie -- here's my response that I posted at and also my blogbook and elsewhere probably. Thanks, drew


OK just to stay grounded in reality here -- consider the career and vision of military Star Wars game theory statistical computer programmer -- Joseph George Caldwell:


Caldwell currently works for USAID in Zambia but he has a history of US Army contracts in electronic warfare and various thinktanks in Virginia, North Carolina, etc.


Now Caldwell is devoted to "New Age " politics of synergism and synarchy. This movement explicitly states that systems engineering is better than representative democracy and that, via NeoPlatonics (Bucky Fuller), it can create a win-win world. Techno-spirituality.


Melanie Purcell, a philosophy PhD and activist in Australia, gave me the link on this info. So I explored: practical applications are military-banking-tax regimes while stated goal is world peace, etc.


This is the classic "double bind" that Gregory Bateson both studied and created (he worked for the CIA and is the father of social systems theory).


The essential problem is the definition of TIME. Bucky Fuller argued that synergy, from tensegrity, relied on "continuous pull" as a converging system of time and "discontinous push" as a diverging system of time.


Bucky Fuller, just as Plato and Archytas did, REVERSES the definition of continuous -- to make it converging as GEOMETRY. In fact continuous time is DIVERGING as the Harmonic Series, the foundation of the Riemann Solution mystery (about which I've corresponded with quantum chaos math professor Steve Strogatz, Los Alamos researcher).


Bucky Fuller stated that truth must be told at all times but he was lying about what logical truth is, because of this reversal. This is the ultimate double bind of logic, as Gregory Bateson realized -- the error of "logical type" based on time paradox, the subject of math professor Joe Mazur's new book: The Motion Paradox. Again math professor Joe Mazur stated this summer that my analysis, now chapter 4 of my blogbook: Secret of the Freemasonic Greek Miracle, is "very important" information.


So under current psychoanalysis a person who refuses to lie at all times is actually AUTISTIC. While a person who lies all the time would be SCHIZOPHRENIC. In fact it's well known that math specialists have the highest level of ASD -- autistic spectrum disorder. Not that I agree with psychology -- but according to their definition this is a problem.


Consider Harvard professor Marc Hauser's recent book: "Moral Minds" -- the fact is that MODERN humans rely on the "white lie" by the age of 4. The "white lie" is considered the right thing to do whenever an action violates the moral norms of a culture.


Professor Marc Hauser studied this connection to other primates and animals which also have norms. In other words -- the connection between language and actual communication is a social system. Professor Chris Knight focuses on this issue as DARWINIAN DECEPTION -- whereby "lies" as signals are again essential. An obvious example is mimicry.


So the most essential lie is the taboo about sex within the family. This is the core of psychology and in behavioral physiology or ethology this is called the "voluntary exclusionary principle." I discussed this with Professor Robert Sapolsky at Stanford. Why do male mammals choose to leave the protection of their kin network -- against all adaptive advantage? Because before sexual maturity there is no sense of territorial fear -- the young leave freely. But with sexual maturity there is the taboo of incest, coevolved with the sense of physical territorial fear. The incest taboo wins out and so the male leaves before the taboo is violated with the mother.


Now in nonwestern cultures this taboo is violated as a norm -- in the sense that sexual emotions are consciously sublimated through right-brain rituals of time as continuous divergence -- nonwestern music. For example Dravidians marry their direct cousins and Bushmen marry girls.


Professor Robert Sapolsky's mentor -- the Harvard physiologist Kummer -- hit this secret in his book "The Tangled Wing." Ionization of serotonin enables the testosterone to by transduced through the vagus nerve so that serotonin can overcome fear and sex and also bypass the blood-brain barrier. Even though Bushmen marry girls the culture is matrifocal with very strict sexual relations. The males must work for years to provide for the new wife's family -- BEFORE any sexual relations are allowed.


Kummer just didn't know the technique to cause this ionization -- which is using sound as the primary perception, as is the case in forest-based cultures. In other words converting the testosterone-adrenaline-ACTH sympathetic stress system into the serotonin-oxytocin parasympathetic love system.


The forest is the mind of the planet and the epitomy of harmony.


So Joseph George Caldwell, intuitively, knows this. He is distraught about the clearcuts of "virgin" forest in Africa and he even has solidarity with the new return of witchcraft in Zambia (he posts an article from 2004 or so). He promotes meditation as well.


Nevertheless as a Western-trained mathematician he still relies on time as inherently defined using SYMMETRICAL logic that does not create an inherent self-organizing of continuous information which can not be visualized, only listened to.


So, in contrast to the autistic neurotic that never lies and uses pure logic that has no time, there is the schizophrenic psychotic that believes civilization can be immortal through NeoPlatonic right-brain geometry, "contained," through left-brain logic.


In this latter case of the mad scientist the result is to rely on "random acts of violence" -- the true M.O. of Joseph George Caldwell's work for the military. Professor Marc Hauser documents that indeed this is the original norm for sexual monogamy as true democracy. Essentially, as the case with gibbons, there is monogamy so that every male can get regular access to females but only because there is also tight competition for resources (in the case of the gibbon it's fruit -- the original sin of protosapiens).


So while monogamy as sexual democracy appears to be an improvement, in fact the trade-off is obedience to a hierarchical normative system that over-compensates any threat by using "random acts of violence." The most common threat is the use of hyperbole in language -- lying not as concealment but as exaggeration. Chimps use this type of overcompensation in language.


In this analysis -- social systems theory -- language is still considered to be a "signal" -- a visual-based system. For humans the signal is digital because that's more efficient -- converging digital analysis as continuity. In fact the real signal system is ANALOG -- and not even analog -- because analog still relies on symmetrical or visual-based analysis. By listening as the defining means of analyzing ratios language then relies on complimentary opposites, thereby harmonizing the original class of information -- self-organization of energy.

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i have NO idea what you're talking about :blink::blink::blink:


I got the same response at and but these are actually reposts from where one reader actually investigated the books I recommended and figured out what I'm talking about. You can find my further replies and discussion with other clueless readers there.

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