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Dr. ken Sancier compiled this -- over 4000 entries on qigong studies:


How your cells talk to each other:




This brings us back to Karl Pribram's protege Dr. Daniel Levitin, author of "your brain on music," and how COHERENT or harmonized light enables paranormal healing powers:


Dr. Mae-Wan Ho hits home with her yin-yang acupunture light-communication article:;articleid=28


Wow -- this dentist has corresponded with quantum chaos biologist Dr. Brian Goodwin -- who also captured the concept: "subharmonics of frequency create a significant increase in amplitude"


Excellent overview of this research!!

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Share on other sites live stream the Sangam NONWESTERN Indian music show -- it's awesome.


I have a perfect work attendance record for 8 years. My hours are flexible -- I work when they need me but I always get the job done and have never been sick. Sometimes I use garlic for healing or cayenne or curry. I usually use tea tree oil and peppermint as well.


It's true that full-lotus 3rd Eye paranormal healing makes a person have a "full body" processing of the imbalances in civilization -- emotions and nutrition are the two main ones.


But this just is a full expression of the true left-brain, right-hand "rotten root" at the core of technology and science which is normally repressed in day to day interactions.


We have 20 years left of freshwater. I'm not waiting for any revolution -- it's always already and I discovered this after doing the whole radical progressive activist scene successfully. So I know fully what I'm in to and I've read one scholarly book a day since I achieved my masters degree to make sure I have the "intellectual self-defense" to back myself up.


What enables me to sit in full-lotus in public with no problem? Because yoga is now bourgeois so it is fully assimilated already into the tantric technology trajectory. I'm just pushing what's already commodified to it's logical conclusion: tribal trance transduction.


The fact is western medicine now accepts and promotes qigong and yoga for healing serious conditions. In other nations this stuff is known to be more radical and so to do so here is just to be in solidary with the global poor -- the two billion without sanitation nor plumbing. The future of the U.S. IS Iraq.


Asia, Latin America and Africa were made poor BECAUSE OF COLONIALISM AND SCIENCE. Increasingly shamanism is being relied on in these cultures and we can now do the same here.

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