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Everyone knows it's hard to put the truth into words. Any bums think they have came close? I'm interested in hearing some of your personal quotes/quotes that have stuck with you.


Here are a few I wrote, or at least i think they're original.


Love is simply too complex.

He who knows not, knows how.



Lao Tzu:

If you don't change your direction, you might actually end up where you're headed.

The best type of traveler knows not where he's going, and has no intent on getting there.

A journey of 1000miles begins with a single step.


Lao Tzu's quotes and sayings have always stuck with me.


Oh and I have heard the expression "Ignorance is Bliss".. At first I agreed, but then i thought maybe the wisdom of simplicity is bliss and ignorance just falsely describes it.


Anyone else have any written quotes of their own, or some they would like to share?


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