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  1. sex - the secret gate to eden

    I found this extremely informational, and at the same time interesting.
  2. Your views about DAN TIAN!

    I believe John Chang says that Chi has to be put there for the dantien to function. He did say that the dantien holds yang chi, and that the practitioner can feel the heat from it. I'm actually not sure if it has to be created or not. In my opinion, it's always there.
  3. Fire

    This poem is simple but fun. I wrote it Fire A grinding sound Jostling it's gears Ignites to say Please dry your tears Lifts you high Above your fears And playfully dances alone. I wrote this one night in high school, staring deeply into a lighter.
  4. evening tea

    I love tea
  5. Fast-5

    I've noticed that ever since i started meditating deeper, I've been eating only one meal a day. I usually force myself to eat to because of fear of hunger
  6. Music and the Tao

    I believe that music has much to do with the Tao. I believe that some truths may be revealed through music, or at least coincide in music. Does anybody else feel that music has a special purpose in the Tao?
  7. breathe deep. embrace simplicity...

    I couldn't agree more.
  8. water fasting

    I believe fasting is extremely unhealthy and ridiculous. It's just my opinion but if you don't need food and water then by all means fast. But if you feel like you need it, especially water, partake.
  9. Supernormal Powers from Internal arts?

    To make it brief. I believe that the secret behind super"human" abilities is mainly breath. But more so it involves a few things. Meditation, Breathing, Philosophy. possibly morality. Thats my opinion i guess.
  10. Kalydoscopic imagery when meditating

    I get the exact same thing. At first I felt like it was sort of "distracting", but now I can sort of use it to keep my concentration. Although I still feel that when it comes around my mind treats it as an obstacle.
  11. Penis Health and Better Erections

    You should research jelqing on the internet. I'm not an expert, but from what i've heard it has worked for a lot of people. Whether it be gaining length/girth, or resolving dysfunction and impotence. Along with the other vitamins/herbs that have been suggested, I believe ginseng has a positive effect on the sex drive. I've also heard about horny goat weed. Remember, I'm not an expert or anywhere close, but keep them in mind. -Sean(sucus)

    Everyone knows it's hard to put the truth into words. Any bums think they have came close? I'm interested in hearing some of your personal quotes/quotes that have stuck with you. Here are a few I wrote, or at least i think they're original. Love is simply too complex. He who knows not, knows how. Lao Tzu: If you don't change your direction, you might actually end up where you're headed. The best type of traveler knows not where he's going, and has no intent on getting there. A journey of 1000miles begins with a single step. Lao Tzu's quotes and sayings have always stuck with me. Oh and I have heard the expression "Ignorance is Bliss".. At first I agreed, but then i thought maybe the wisdom of simplicity is bliss and ignorance just falsely describes it. Anyone else have any written quotes of their own, or some they would like to share? -Sean(sucus)
  13. Views on levitation

    I myself believe that levitation is possible. Some people say they can do it, some people fake it. From a yin/yang perspective, how does one achieve true levitation?
  14. Do you see what I see?

    Thankyou very much for responding. I want to make it clear that i wasn't trying to state that religion/philosophy is the only doorway to the infinite. I just wanted to say that I believed that was what it was intended for( in my perspective). Although i don't want you to think of yourself as a "nemesis"... competition is pointless, and a problem in my life. Anywho, I would like to collaborate with you instead, does that sound good? I'm curious as to which types of meditation you do and how much you practice. Also, are you into any internal/external martial arts? I'll share with you what I have been doing lately. I began meditating daily for about 1-3hrs, in the half lotus position. I have been playing guitar daily and a majority of the day, and soon I will be recording for an album of my fingerstyle guitar I have been practicing tang soo do, nei kung, chi kung, muy tai etc. My meditation has involved both concentration and transcendental meditation. Lately I have only been meditation in Full Lotus, which actually only took me about 4 days to be able to sit in it.( i was surprised ) I have been intaking cannabis daily, for both personal and spiritual use. Occasional booze which I say is never really too good for me. Now I find myself reading books on taoism and lao tzu, and sometimes buddha. What have you been up to? -Sean
  15. Do you see what I see?

    Something revolutionary is coming. I can see so many things changing, yet it's always the same. I believe that it's vital to stress the importance of meticulous details in meditation, chi kung, nei kung, etc. But it is just as important to wield it's simplicity. I wanna share my ideas, beliefs and truths with those who are willing to listen. I also share a deep interest for john chang(Ring of fire, Magus of Java) and have read both the books about him. All religions/philosophies are merely doorways to the infinite. Nobody can walk up to you and make you understand the truth, thats impossible. The truth doesn't come packaged in words, why do you think it sounds so confusing in every language. We have to walk through the door ourselves. -Sucus(Wu tang forever ) My real name is Sean by the way