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The ten of swords

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I went through a strange crisis, on many levels


I'm on pilgrimage in south india, the deeeeep south - its a very powerful place


Anyway during one of my shavasana deep relaxing sessions (I was in big pain - on many levels of my being, but walking the path since some time I just learned to walk it no matter what, to shut up and don't complain just do it)


So there appears this picture


I remembered it


I knew it from my mothers tarot deck - it well was a strange dangerous symbol one of the few I remember vividly


The others being the lovers (its my birth card - is that how you call it?)


The sun (trust me the sun is full power active in south India)


And the magus


That's the cards my mother pointed out to me, I was pretty small still


Anyway the ten of swords burst into all this pain and grief


(Shavasana you can go into dreamawakesleep states and the unconscious does its doings)


So dear tarot bums




In relationship to Europe and man and woman


Go for it


I know you investigated those topics (looking at brother nungali, who knows, feels, smells confused young man like me who don't know how to listen to the feminin deeeeep enough)


I listen and would like to hear replies very eagerly

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