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  1. Chanting

    Being part of the vajrayana cult I use mantra a lot. I would say it is very good to get a transmission and form a connection with an enlightened lineage of masters, that helps for sure. Certain mantras such as the mani mantra don't need this type of transmission to function, but still I think it would deepen the impact of the practice as you connect through the vibrations also with the realisation of the master. Then I found it very important to understand a bit how and why they work, you can read about that. What I found for myself to be very important is to "vibrate internally" - the more open (less tense) your throat neck and jaw muscles are - the more you feel the vibration in the rest of your body cells. So it is less a sound wave that we use in trying to get someone's attention who is in another room And more like a means to get our body cells to move into higher frequencies - or in other words: to be more alive The more you let the sound vibrate in all of your body, and specially inside of your body, the more you relax - the more you can relax the more vibration you will feel in your body and how the sound waves move out of your body into your surroundings Then once you got there you can get silent and do it more internally to. But I fell first it is very important to "incorporate" the mantra So much so that your body cells have the informations of that yidam-deity written on them, these are informations of love, compassion, wisdom and great joy If you vibrate the mantra internally - in the right way, you immediately feel how your cells respond by waking up - the liquids in your body start moving, your muscles relaxe Throat needs to be very relaxed for that - so that there can be this internal humming and vibrating Like a cat purring That's the best picture of how to intone a mantra I know of - like a cat purring, remember that the cat purrs because of bliss and feeling very very nice Do your mantra like that and your mind really gets some rest Hope that helps
  2. Magic and psychology

    I might do the correspondence course with the BOTA material - you sparked my interest
  3. Is rigpa really that simple?

    dear jetsun, buddha didn't teach the unified green cosmic jello - this is a teaching of rigdzin trinley as all my dharma brother and sisters can affirm for you EDIT: sorry I am in a strange mood, just landed in Iceland, 1am in the morning - the sun just went up. As I am a professional Dharma-bum I have no money for a hotel for a half a night, so I made my bed on the stonefloor in the arrival hall. A security guard keeps waking me up, most be the sign above my "bed" that says "sleeping/camping/cooking is prohibited here" me being half an indian baba by now just say to myelf fuck em, and try to sleep now sitting up...
  4. Help me create my own religion.

    shake in front of XENUUUUU muahahahaaa he'll blow us all up all over again because of that damn tax-avasion
  5. Is rigpa really that simple?

    I think the post was not part of a traditional buddhist tantra discussion, whats the threads title? "rough sex blabla...the bad guy vs good guy...." so I would say far out of context, but as you like to qoute that hear, what to do? your choice also if ou read that one more time, I didn't mention rigpa in that post, nor buddhist deities, nor any buddhist practice... I talked about wilhelm reich and some other new age tantra fufu if you think that is my understanding and practice of the view - I am sorry but you misunderstand a thing or two about me anyway I will leave this thread because these kinds of discussion bore me - I should listen to myself and not engage in them (it is always the same blabla), but brother - as you mentioned my name and explained my understanding of "Great Bliss" for me I thought I should at least say something what I said about respecting your fellow practicioners still stands as far as I am concerned anyway enjoy the sound of your own voice - I go to the back seats and marvel at the level of discourse
  6. Is rigpa really that simple?

    Oh and Wells, please do not put words into my mouth, and show a little litte little bit of respect to your fellow practicioners - we are not all idiots with inferior understanding compared to your most exaltet vision of reality
  7. Is rigpa really that simple?

    I probably said just this brother.... and probably in these terms anyway bde ba chen po or great bliss has the same meaning as rang rig (self cognizing prisitne awareness), rigpa, ye she chen po (great primordial wisdom), Union etc. it is not Bliss in the sense of any of the three nyams of bliss (body, nadi), clarity (speech/wind energy), non-thought (mind, bindu) it points to the subjective side of the Union of f.e.: primordial wisdom/Dharmadatu or awareness/emptiness as they are a union of course they are not two sides - the language emphasis the subjective side though in order to point something out to the practicioner I will now go back and enjoy corpulating with deities BYEEEE and good luck to you on your path
  8. Mysuru - Krouncha Puri - Shaktipeetham

    I heard bumfuck, NC is a juicy place as well
  9. Mysuru - Krouncha Puri - Shaktipeetham

    Hey Bhaya I was down south this past winter - doing a small pilgrimage to Chidambaram, Kanchipuuram and Arunachala (three out of the five elemental lingams), and I also visited Meenakshi temple in madurai twice. I had a plan to go to Rameshwaram to get a darshan of the linga there as well, as this place is connected with one of the main Siddhas of the Buddhist Tantric lineage, I unfortunately couldn't make that happen because of time - I dreamt of visiting the place though and seeing "adams" bridge pointing towards Sri Lanka I had a lot of psiritual openings during this time, and yes these ancient places are oozing energy. in the "sanctum sanctorum" of annamalai temple I almost fainted the inner and outer heat was so intense tamil nadu is a very magical and powerful place - meeting the local people on the street was sometimes a divine experience, very strong souls I have a strong calling ot go back - I also made aspiration prayers to come to chidambaram again, this temple is such a marvel on so many levels So yes Bharat is a blessed land
  10. Is rigpa really that simple?

    as you like - just meant to say that the tibetan word also has a connotation of seeing and perceiving - that's why I said "another twist" of the word that might be good to keep in mind, I did not say rigpa = seeing that is why I put the "seeing" in brackets in the quote of Khen Rinpoche. if you want to cherrypick more we can do that together but I only have a certain amount of time for that...
  11. Is rigpa really that simple?

    I think to really understand this strange term (intellectually) one needs to study the 8 ways of how appearances arise from the ground, how sentient beings are deluded and how küntusangpo is primordially awakened or spend time with realized beings and just realize it beyond mental constructs I also liked a teaching Khen Namdrol Rinpoche gave on the beacon of certainty, he explained that rigpa is "seeing" that the mind is neither exitent, non existent, both or neither - and he elaborated that this is what the master points out to his disciple during the 4th empowerment or while giving an upadesha also rig has a quality of "seeing" and in amdo dialects they actually use "rig" as the verb for seeing or perceiving something - so it is also used in day to day language in some areas of tibet. Maybe it is good to keep that in mind as another twist to the words meaning? but that is as far as my bookworm learning goes
  12. Is there a need for company?

    R.T. state of mind right now concerning company and no company: when "they" don't piss me off I am happy in their company, when they piss me off I dream of seclusion an dmountain retreat when I am finally in seclusion (probably because "they" pissed me off) I wish for them to return very badly --- thats is why for now, I try to be Ok and at ease with "them" and not go into seclusion too much, first get some real - actual renunciation (which in tibetan means nge byung - would translate more as "the dawn of certainty", meaning you understand with certainty that there is really nothing in samsara that could give you the happiness we all seek) don't have too much of that precious renunciation stuff around - can't buy it in a bookshop either.... hence I am roaming around TTB and enjoy my own sophistry about what is the buddha dharma, how it looks and feels, why it is so precious etc. etc. I pray that the true renunciation is born in my being and in the being of all beings
  13. I agree with that obervation, but have zero clue about daoism, so I don't dare make any statements here. As you know I am currently still investigating the tantric lineages here in India and Nepal, for sure the tantric phenomenon is not limited to one stream or one lineage transmission looks like a lot of the tsa lung thigle teachigns comes from the Nath-Siddhas (many of them are part of famous list of 84 "buddhist" mahasiddhas) I met Bettine Bäumer once and she told me her research showed that tantra was at the beginning neither hindu nor buddhist (she is a student of kashmiri shivaism btw). the more I look into it and the more a talk with fellow practicioners of tantra in different lineages, the more it makes sense what she said. Also recently I could finally meet Ramgiri, a direct disciple of Neem Karoli Baba, and we had some very enlightening discussion - he said that Maharaji was made a hindu saint because that was the social strata in which he choose to manifest, being a siddha these kinds of labels don't stick He also said that Ramana Maharshi thought the way he did because the first books that he read after his awakening experiience (and years of subsequent practice) was text on advaita vedanta. I myself was at the ashram for some weeks doing practice, and visiting annamalai temple (the fire linga - navel/fire chackra of south india) I can't help but say there is tantric juju happening there as well might be my "sunglasses" that I am wearing but that's another story looking foreward to get some more imput
  14. Going to China to learn inner alchemy

    Hey there, I had a strong calling to go to india and nepal some years back, and ask Ch. Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche where to look for a master that can teach and guide students in Ati-Yoga (Dzogchen) and he gave me several names and places to visit, I finally (sort of) settled in Tso Pema, started to study this godforsakenly strange tibetan language (felt like a total idiot for 2 years), did my ngondro (tantric priliminary practices - most western modern peoples don't seem to like those too much, I for my part think they are the most potent system of transformation I ever practiced, still form the main part of my daily sadhana) build a trusting and close relationship with my lamas - and deepen that relationship still best decission I made in my life I hope it will be the same for you - and that you go straight to the essence without taking detours Have a smooth awakening and some extra adventouring as well nothing better then questing for the holy grail in foreign strange countries