Qi Gong and travelling

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Hello there,


I am seriously thinking to make a training and travelling study in December. I want to deepen my Qi Gong practice and meditations. I am studying Martial Arts and Qi Gong for some years but I have the feeling I need new inspiration and an advanced Qi Gong Master to give me new input/help on my path. I feel a bit stuck lately.


Also I do not want to travel to China because I will be travelling alone and I do not speak a word of chinese. I am seeing that there seem to be a lot of good Qi Gong masters in the USA so I am thinking about going there. But in my heart I am open to go anywhere that is not to expensive to travel to from Europe (for example Australia is too far but India would be OK).


My aim is to go deeper into Qi Gong and its connection to healing (others and first yourselve ...). The most important thing for me is to "feel" an advanced master and train with him. Someone who can give my willingness to spend a lot of time a day practicing a deeper direction. Someone who can help me to help myselve effecively.


I would be glad if you could post me people or places that you would recommend me to go. I have already Master Zhou Ting Jue, Master Dorje and Master Lin in Minnesota in my head. I am open for people you could recommend. Of course I would probably visit just one. I do not want to consume Masters but to experience something in depth.


Why I probably do not want to go to Master Lin (Springforest Qi Gong) is that he recommends people to first master the Qi Gong they are practicing before starting something new. Since I love the Qi Gong style I already practice and I do not want to just "give it up" I chose to probably not go there. But he seems like a very warm hearted and excellent teacher.


If you know a place that I could go around the world to deepen my understanding of Qi and my taoist sudies I would be very thankful if you would post it here. Maybe even someone knows a taoist monastary or something like that.


Thank you very, very much in advance for your help!


I cannot post answers very often so it would be the best if you could just describe people or places you have in mind and tell your experiences.

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