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To cultivate oneself,

And to serve all universal things,

There is nothing better than adhering to the principle of pursuing extreme frugality.

Pursuing extreme frugality can be further explained as giving up all desires and passions.

Giving up all desires and passions can further lead to undertaking the cultivation of Te,

Undertaking the cultivation of Te can further lead to overcoming all,

Overcoming all, then Te can fill up the vast infinitude,

Filling up the vast infinitude with Te can lead to the arising of a state,

A state will grow up to become the mother,

And gaining the mother, one can last for an enduring long time

without any end to speak of.

This is called having deep roots and a firm foundation,

The course leading to the eternal Tao and an enduring vision.


daodeching 59, Hu Xuezhi

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