LoneMan Pai™- Pentagram Breathe

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LoneMan Pai™- Pentagram Breathe



#1 - Inhale through nose and PULL energy FROM Left Occipital Point

#2 - Exhale and PUSH energy back to Right Occipital Point.

#3- Inhale -FROM Right Occipital Point PULLING flow to Left Amygdala

#4- Exhale PUSH flow across to Right Amygdala

#5- Inhale from Right Amygdala PULLING flow back to Left Occipital Point.


Inhale with Left Nostril and Exhale with Right Nostril

Next Time- Switch

This will light up the whole brain, BaiHui, & Niwan

Make certain you work on lower Tan Tien too- this way you have balance.

This is different from Max's Red Phoenix because it doesn't cut straight across but rather hits the perimeter.

There is also a LoneMan Pai ™ Hexagram Breathe.

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I haven't found many techniques involving the Amygdala.


Many members have had very good results with this technique, so I thought I would share :)

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