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Just wanted to express my gratitude to TDB for providing years of inspiration and information. What a wonderful resource you all have been!


As a westerner I might never have encountered qigong or internal arts on my own, but so many sparks have flown from this here fire pit.


There is a notion in the paramita sutras of Buddhism that if you are fortunate to possess copies (eg. of the Diamond sutra or Heart sutra etc) of certain teachings, it is a boon and blessing for the present and and indication that you are reaping wholesome seeds that have been sown in countless lives. Similar, they say that it is good destiny for a person to find a neidan teacher, that it is the result of some virtue.


From my perspective, I went to a book store and bought a sutra, but that act may be connected to a potentially unlimited chain of events, all building on one another in a positive direction. Even if I squander this life, the fact that I have, held, and kept a sutra means a future me in a future life will also reap the benefit and build on the momentum.


This is an amazing concept!


In a way, being drawn to TDB is part of my essence, my destinty, perhaps conditioned by countless lives and innumerable wholesome seeds and some small virtues.


In giving thanks to all of you, I am grateful to be myself and have even a small window to peer into the mysteries.


May all your efforts produce abundant good fruits!



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