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Sheer unending appetite - Cause?

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Normal to thin statue, regular musculatur from body weight training only

No health conditions

Only real change is towards spiritual goals. Material goals reduced to the maximum possible each day

Have Sungazed to around 15:40 min following the guideline, but gazing confidently way over 30minutes each time. Started 2012, did long pauses inbetween as you can see

Noticed from then that I could eat more than usual (and have also posted a thread about it a few years ago)

More and more conscious now each day and noticing that the discpline towards meditation and self-focus leaves my body and emotions with a momentary and sheer unending appetite

I eat a load of natural and organic food, paused with grains but now added them back in (almost winter here) and I know when it's enough, not to feel pain in my stomach. Shortly after I leave the table or desk I could eat again. But I cant eat more or my body experiences pain and I cant do anything at all due to fatigue...

Have you experienced similar when deciding to switch to a self-nourishing lifestyle that the appetite (emotions?) go wild? Is it trauma that is coming up?

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