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See how different qualities of Hydrogens shape our reality

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A beautiful find, coming from a research I did myself after reading what Innersoundqigong has posted about When an Astral body in ones own consciousness is being formed


So for an astral body to develop the brain must decrease from the thinking nerve pulse frequency (Hydrogen 48) to the moving center frequency (Hydrogen 24 -- an inverse increase in electron light time period or consciousness) while the heart is now the brain frequency as Hydrogen 48). The final stage of this inverse relation between brain and body is when the sex energy (Hydrogen 12) is now in the heart center as love energy (the sublimation and ionization of the lower emotions) while the brain energy is the slower frequency of Hydrogen 6, with in inverse increase in light consciousness time period.


Found in this thread

Our thoughts have to completely STOP in order for our consciousness to go deeper within. Take that as your primaraly practice, each and every day, if you want to uncover your True Self.

and research on Hydrogens opened up this brilliant explanation - inhale it,42


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