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Hello fellow Daoists,


I'm a 20 year old {transgender} male who has been following The Way for three years now on my own. However, I've lost touched with my spirituality ever since I've experienced hardships--but I'm back and ready to become more attuned with my spiritual self and relearn the meanings of the Dao and internalize Lao Tzu's teachings in the Tao Te Ching.


I've decided to join this forum to communicate with other Daoists, learn from the community (and hopefully give back somehow). I've been struggling to find a Daoist temple in the United States, although I have been to one in China. This disheartened me because I really want to meet other Daoists and talk about our beliefs. I'm kinda new to I guess the 'structured' side of things, as I feel like I'm not a 'true' Daoist because I was never really guided by a spiritual guru or anything--but I do wish to learn The Way properly and meet new people!


I look forward to talking with some of you and I hope I'm welcomed here!


~ The Cat

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Hello shroom cat, and welcome to the forums!


Glad you found your way to us, and all the best to you on your return to your spiritual self. I think you came to the right place, but please take note that there are people from virtually all imaginable spiritual directions here, so it's easy to get new insights, but also easy to become distracted from your path. I'm sure you'll muddle through just fine, though :-)


Please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum terms and rules. This covers all you need to know when getting started.


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you,


SC and the TDB team

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