hi every one

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I have all fp video includ advanced and golden fp

I am sick since last year and have very low vital energie

I need to full up my energie level but i do not feel standing meditation ... yes its the first video and first step but i need recommandation.

I dont have energie and do not know how long should i do the standing med before starting the siting one.

Is there a master that could recomande me a simple easy programe that should help me rebuild my vitality and harmonise my self.

I have to much vidéo i cant do them all and can t choose one .

Tank you for help and concern.

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Hello and welcome. You are accepted. Glad to have you as a member.


Please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum terms and rules. This covers all you need to know when getting started.


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you,


Chang and the TTB team


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HI everybody,

Hop my english will follow my tought.

I study different chi kong master since a years( a few terra octet of all kind of master, theory, books, video etc...).

I practice a few for few week.

I have all fp video and volume that went out.

I did golden fp. 2 sited and the long standing form perform by doo wai for a month.

I went prety sick( a big flu since a month and still persiste)

I stoped.

I started few brocads to activate my body but that's all since.

Every thing look incradebly efficient

Breathing etc... and the feling obtain...

practice fphoenix

make my arme vibrate

An incradible way ....

My bigest probleme are from my heart and brain.

Very hard to harmonise and i get overflow by anger and antagonistic emotions.

Inner smil and deep breathing

Are good to me but not enough.

Whit all the goodies that i learn

I went stock.

Impossible to choose a set or make my self a program.

To much stuff look legendary, incradible and verry powerfull.

I need to heal my saoul and body.

My body will follow.

I found fp efficient and those i want a practice.

The ting is what should i do and how long and ....

Anyway all the theory breathing i get make me confus

Inhal air and energy; exalt air and energy;

Breath by your organe ; redirect air and light; condense; rotate etc....

Now i feell in doubt about wath to do whit my air when i breat during meditation.

How long should i do a set

1 med a day, a week , 9 day or 108 day

Flying Phoenix is one of a set series

You agree i m sur !!!

How should i work whit all of those volume?????

I just choose one of a set and what????

Most of you may by obsess whit

Pressision in doowaing the practic

Knowing the impact we cant get physicaly ,moraly and enegeticaly.

I m sur i will put my self on the good path

Sharing is the best way .

hop we can shared the best.


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