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Civilization. Few of us realise that civilization is a grand building rising up from the lowest worlds to the highest ones, to God. Most of us, being small screws of civilization, don't take the trouble about trying to imagine the mightiness of this building, not to mention the studying of what civilization is and how it is controled. They are the passive elements of civilization and are able only to carry out some functions within the civilization, functions which they have chosen for themselves. The active members of civilization trouble to influence the civilization gradually. By cost of their hard efforts, they escape from the obedience and are no longer the small screws of civilization. They are those, who realized what motive power is inside this civilization, they are those who overcame these powers and got rid of them. The civilization consists in great number of various ideas and various energies circulating among these ideas. All this combines into rich in energy information structures with a number of systems and subsystems. The one who knows what the civilization is and how it is controled can provide an informational impact on one of its systems and consequently influence the whole civilization, as all the ideas are interrelated. The main idea here is to see what things are to be considered important and determinant, and what are of secondary importance. The modern civilization has been being created since the times of Adam and Eva. It was constantly changing and new ideas appeared. When the Lord God drowned all the living beings, except for those which were taken to the Noah's Ark, it was the loss of civilization but not a complete loss, because the main informational structure was based on Noah's family. Nevetheless at that time there were great energetic cataclysms. The whole building of civilization was breaking down. Calling this a horror is to say nothing about it. Noah's family knew that it was a nightmare and the and they overcame it, feeling in their inside world what the death of civilization is. And obviously modern civilization keep the memory of this nightmare. This very information lies in the deepest layers of soul of every person and if an experienced master who knows the secrets of civilization, touches this chord, he will FEEL completely inhuman FEELINGS.

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