Mysterious Force

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Mysterious Force


Standing you are in motion

Moving you are still

The mysterious force acts

Empty cup and then you refill


Up is down and down is up

front is back and back is front

Right is left and left is right 

mysterious force fills the empty cup


Do you breath in or breath out?

There is one within the other

infinitely regressing

intertwined within each other


They say its not real

it is all in the structure

your mind plays tricks

it is biomechanical architecture


What they don’t know

is that they just cannot feel

the mysterious force

that is spinning the wheel


Why is it 

that they cannot feel?

because their cup isn’t empty

they cannot refill…


The old has to go

for the new to arrive

effortless effort

striving without strive


The mysterious force

is all that there is

to know is to feel

the spontaneous bliss

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