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Quality of qi

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Assume you now can initialize some qi, then the next thing you need to look into is its quality


Low-quality qi is dull, like dirty water, and has low healing power .As the quality of it becomes better and better, you will sense lighter and more delicate stuff inside it. You likely also sense sex pleasure, warmth, even glow arise..(provided that they are not outcomes of your visualisation; please notice that visualisation is a two-edged sword, it may be good for you at initial stage to get something quick and something look effective , yet the extra use of your mind power ,its disadvantages are always more than its benefits).


High-quality qi definitely can cure diseases ,even serious ones, and reverse ageing , not to speak of stopping it. High-quality qi likely is associated to an emptied Mind with sufficient qi and Jing embedded in it . In fact, as the qi you sense becomes more and more subtle and delicate , you comprehend more and more about its Shen ( spiritual ) aspect. And if you are a person who favours philosophical Taoism, then you may find that you now get more sympathy towards the "Religious Taoism"...

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