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What actually happened.....

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I am no strangers to unintended meditative experiences.  This one was new.  Last night, before I went to bed, I was meditating on my LDT, the usual MCO stuff.  Unlike in the morning, I wasn't able to form the white light or the mysterious gate.  Instead, I gathered a lot of wind energy and yang energy and I felt bliss.  It was nice and warm but, after one hour, I called it quit since I wasn't seeing the immortal light.  Also, I felt there was a build up of jing energy at the root of my penis.  And I was slowly getting the "urge."  I realized that wasn't good and I went to bed and tried to calm my mind and my heart so that I won't get anymore urges.  It kind of work.  While I was slowly falling into sleep and still wild awake, I felt this numbing and vibrational force going through my entire body.  The feeling wasn't localized.  It was just there and it was strong. 


I felt the oscillations and tried to slow it down using my third eye and controlling my breathing.  About 30s into it and I got a bit annoyed because I felt a pressure building up on my chest.  Two, my AC was on and so I didn't want to lose control and thereby drawing in more cold air inside me.  My room at this point was a bit on the cold side.  I had a blanket over me.  


Somehow, my third eye began to draw a rotational circle in my LDT and the oscillation and vibration were getting the point that I almost felt my bed was shaking.  The pressure on the chest was getting intense, but not hot or didn't hurt.  There was no pain.  So, I let go completely a minute later.  Then, it all stopped.  Interestingly, so as my urges and the pressure at the root of my penis.  


It was a relief because I could finally go to bed without worrying about losing my jing...:)


Obviously, somehow, my jing was transmuted in the process.  It didn't travel through my spine.  I think it went into reverse and through my center channels.  For the rest of the night, I occasionally woke up partially and seeing the immortal light with my third eye.  The light wasn't strong but very soothing kind of intensity.      

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