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Mummies, Afterdeath & Other Thoughts

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If energy and matter are inseprable, both exist together, then i pose the following....


If after one dies, their life force goes into the great pool of life, or heaven some may say, (they may also be reborn some may say), then they are immortal. Everyone is immortal, just they don't realise it, but some hope to realise it by doing qigong, or spiritualist practices etc.


So... the same thing happens with the matter, the body dies, decomposes, goes into the great pool of matter (earth), then becomes reborn as plants, which are eaten by animals, which some elements or atoms of can become their offspring and it all goes around again. To me this is the easiest way to understand what happens to the spirit after death.


So then it appears to me that part of the goals of some other practices is to become immortal, in that the individual spirit is retained as the individual once was so that they themselves may be immortal and live forever as they were... not to be immortal as in the the great pool of life or becomming a part of heaven as such.


If this is the case, then the matter must also remain whole. People say around cemetrys there are lots of ghosts. There are bones there, their spirits will remain so long as their bones are not decomposed. I would guess that when the matter is all decomposed, so is the individual's spirit decomposed into heaven. Perhaps this is the slow way to go to heaven. What about cremation? Is that a shortcut into heaven? If you're cremated do you have a ghost, or are you absorbed by the pool of life as readily as the ash is absorbed into the earth?


So then comes the mummification idea. If the person is mummified when they die, then would their ghost continue to exist as the individual, so that they don't seep back into the heaven. Is mummification a physical shortcut into individual immortality? The less or the slower the decomposition does that mean the more powerful or dense an individual's ghost is so that it can 'do' more on earth?


Why would somebody want to rush to heaven? So that they can be more quickly reborn? I guess after your children, and their children die there's not a whole lot of point hanging around on earth as a ghost. I guess the egyption mummies are 'stuck' here now in our museums and can't go to heaven, can't be reborn. Their tombs have been robbed, opened, their civilizations have perished, but still their ghosts are here?


If an individual is fully enlightened it mustn't matter where they are, as a ghost, in heaven, or alive. But different people have different desires of what is fun. Donating ones organs is an example i believe in extending one's spirits presece here on earth, yet not fully whole. Not as whole as a mummy, but more easily able to interact with the world of the living. Not something i would want to do.


Only half of what i have written is from experience, the other half is from scientific adaption and prediting using what i know and feel. But in my opinion it makes sense. I'm not a ghost talker or listener, if anyone knows better please post!


From my mussings, enjoy the light of the day, there are alot worse places to be for those not fully enlightened! :P

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