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A Rebirth Case Study.

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The part I found so very interesting is where he says this:


Thiang remembered seeing his own body lying on the ground, and wanting to return to it. But it was surrounded by people, and he was afraid to approach. He saw the blood oozing from the wound. His description of this part of his after-death experience is reminiscent of the accounts given by people who have had experiences of being “out of the body” while under anaesthetics or at the critical point of an illness.


When I was 16 I had a motorcycle accident. I broadsided a station wagon and was projected over it onto the pavement. The bike was totaled. The whole event occured in slow motion. The interesting part was that I watched my body fly through the air from about 50 feet away.

I literally found my center of consciousness in a hazy darkish kind of space watching the accident, watching my body bounce off the roof of the station wagon and onto the pavement, bouncing a few times.

That event is what started me on the path of the seeker. I really wanted to know what the hell had transpired.

Now I'm starting to realize that that was my first taste of proof that we don't die, we just drop the body like an old suit and continue on.



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