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Two types...

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From the Bodhisattvacharyavata Sutra...



In brief, the Awakening Mind

Should be understood to be of two types;
The mind that aspires to awaken
And the mind that ventures to do so.

As is understood by the distinction
Between aspiring to go and ( actually) going.
So the wise understand in turn
The distinction between these two.

Although great fruits occur in cyclic existence
From the mind that aspires to awaken,
An uninterrupted flow of merit does not ensue
As it does with the venturing mind.

And for him who has perfectly seized this mind
With the thought never to turn away
From totally liberating
The infinite forms of life.

From that time hence,
Even while asleep or unconcerned.
A force of merit equal to the sky
Will perpetually ensue.

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