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Tarot, I Ching, etc: Why are some so hot for it, some left so cold?

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This isn't something that I know much about, but I do have lots of questions, that hopefully provoke some discussion.


1) Some people use divination as a guide for life.  Readings are deeply meaningful and practically helpful.  Others consider it absolute bunk, and can hear nothing except irrelevant gibberish when they get their reading.  What is the difference between these people?


2) Does one have to learn how to understand the language of the oracles?


3) Is affinity with the oracles a sign of spiritual maturity? Do we grow more achetypal in our nature as we mature, and do our lives start to conform with the deeper esoteric patterns that the oracles describe?


4) Is rejecting the oracles, only natural to someone whose whole identity is not archetypal, but based on the mores and conventions of their particular time and place.  Does the person who passively absorbs modern attitudes, make themselves blind to the oracles?


5) Are well always affected by the stars and planets but only in our deepest unconscious selves? Can we awaken to our deeper selves and to the importance of the planets? Or is a turn to such matters actually a regression from the days of superstition?


Many thanks for your thoughts

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