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Summer Solstice June 21 as Global Tai Chi-Yoga Day

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Chinese Premier Li Keqiang along with Prime Minister Narendra Modi attended the joint presentation of Yoga and Tai Chi performance by nearly 400 mostly Chinese and few Indian youths yesterday at the Temple of Heaven here.






Naidu, who was till recently the Consul General of the Indian Consulate in Chengdu, told the media recently that India will organise a big International Yoga Festival coinciding next month to commemorate the first UN Yoga Day at the picturesque Chinese city of Dujiangyan, close to Chengdu from June 17-21.


So China is working to get a UN day of Tai Chi - will it be the same day as the UN Day of Yoga - on the summer solstice?


The 20 year anniversary of is also on the summer solstice this year.



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