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Why Concentration is the Most Important Practice of All and how to attain God Realization with it, as an Absolute Truth.

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When you strip away everything that we think we are, we realize that we are pure awareness, pure consciousness that receives the forms by shining it's light, it's energy onto it. So consciousness makes the forms known and experience with the forms is created.


See your consciousness as a flashlight that shines into a room and through this light you see what is in the room.


Consciousness is the same. Although it is no physical light, the concept applies to it exactly the same.


In our waking state, our consciousness is scattered all over the place. Like the sun,radiating in all directions, constantly interacting with everything around us to give an immersive experience.


See it as a radial light that shines from a bulb of the flashlight in all directions. Or see it as your sight, your vision, if you are a very visual person that works like a broad cone of light. Add your hearing sense and the cone gets even broader...


The essence of all Life is one "particle", one "element", one "thing". It has no limitations, no restrictions. Imagine that it can move at infinite speed if it wants to. If something can move at infinite speed, that means it can be everywhere at once. That means it could appear to be more than one particle, but we know it is the same particle. That is how reality is structured. All particles in you are the same particles in everyone else and on the planet and in the galaxy and in the Universe and so on. It is the SAME THING in all things. Not the same one kind, the LITERAL SAME one particle. To continue on the concept of speed, that it is so infinitely fast that it can appear to be as a particle next to another same particle next to another same particle at the same time. Multiplied by a factor of trillions and again trillions upon it in a geometrical shape that then creates a form and reality infront of your eyes.

Make your mind sooo slow, so relaxed, through meditation and you can actually see how light particles are arranging the reality infront of your eyes.

And everytime this particle crosses itself it creates the idea of another particle. But in essence it is the same, one particle.

Here is why concentration is the most important technique: Because it brings all of these particles back to being ONE particle. To understand it with a human mind: To make all particles overlap to one particle. Like a lense creating a single-pointed focus. All of the light particles become one particle, the primordial light, the primordial particle. And when concentration is so intense then the uppermost realization is complete. One is known as that one particle.


This is what we humans call God realization. It is that simple.


It is nothing mystic, it is nothing special, it is nothing that can not be reached - and ALL of that if you desire to see it that way (or not).

Relative truths is what we understand with our personal minds and the Absolute Truth is this first light.


You can say that relative truths are gathering many particles and eventually after billions of lifetimes having collected so many that one understands everything. But as you can imagine, that does not work because the Universe constantly expands and contracts, constantly changes and so this one particles "seems" to change aswell. That is why it is said and it is totally correct that looking at the forms, a multitude of forms, with open eyes, here outside in this world, does nothing.


Essentually it does not matter where to focus, because as you now know this particle IS everywhere. But it makes most greatest sense to focus inside of ourselves, with closed eyes, possibly in our chest cavity where apparently the center of our aura is, and this light first came through and "build" the fetus around it...

The job is to die so many times, in ones mind, that boredom does no longer exist. That one can withstand this one moment, without doing any other thing, for eternity (no time, can be 1 day, can be 100 years) to realize just this One Absolute Truth.



By the way: This is how Jesus and all "Mystics" moved the elements.

By knowing that there is an awareness that just is, that exists. Existance is the affirmation: "I am". Knowing this to the most deepest and fundamental level. And then seeing forms as "I am [that]".

And because there is no difference in me to what I perceive, truly done from this deepest level of realization, "I am that". I am, that. 100% absolute conviction that conviction is no longer perceived.

This is because in order to perceive something it is instantaneously me or otherwise I could not perceive it. And because I am that I can move as that and it APPEARS FOR OTHERS TO BE that the human individual is doing something to "another thing" but in essence consciousness just expanded "outside of the one singular body" into "another form" and moved it...

This is a completely different feeling for your mind, lets say when you were first contemplating about "I am here and I want to move that there" - that has a very heavy feeling to it, a knowing of impossibility because someone is missing something. A feeling of wanting to force something. A feeling of seperation and not of owning, of Being it.

This expanded concept right here I have just presented to you, has a less such a feeling to it and developes more into an indifference with oneself and what one perceives. Which eventually, through ones own dedication, leads to this realization.



So, what else is there to do? Every other action is a descendant of this one practice. I invite you to transform your mind alongside with me, in this way.


The real challenge, if you want to call it that way, is what I have encountered, when you feel the quality of your desires, to actually bring all of your desires (ALL OF YOUR FOCUS) to that one desire: Desiring God realization.


Forget all concepts with men in robes, religion... sit in one room, for your mind to speed up the dissolving of boredom, facing a wall, dont clean your room and just develop this one focus. Let nothing pull you out, no single thought, nothing. Concentrate and concentrate again. And again and again. For days, weeks, months. Maybe it is even a few days only, I dont know. You powerfully know and you can give yourself this permission.

Remember that it is basicly unimportant where to focus, because your focus, your conscious light will channel itself to one "dot". Anywhere. A homogeneous object is best, but since there is nothing in emptiness, emptiness is prefered.


All the best.

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