Please stop posting information that you have gathered from other people and instead share your own life experience...

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What happens then is that you excelerate. You only excelerate when you live Life.


When you share information from other people that resonate with you but you have nothing of all of this put into your own use in your own life, then there is no growth.


You remain where you are and simply your mind moves.


That is why it is said nothing ever happens. Yes, nothing ever happens when one only stays in his mind and does not want to bring change into this physical dimension. By transformtion ones own lifestyle, completely.

Then and only then, everything happens.


No true and lasting satisfaction is gained by thinking and pushing around information. That is because we are here in a physical dimension and the most satisfying thing we can perceive here is moving physicality, the elements, with our mind. By bringing it to life, at one point of rediscovered intelligence and power. And that happens, through Self transformation, by knowing one is not different to anything around ones Self. Rather one - is - it.


Information is only a small, small piece of the total puzzle.

I invite you to contemplate about your lifestyle and possibly the major reason for you dissatisfaction in this life: Because you do not change.

Hint: The solid human identity, the ego, fears change.


Connect to your core and this transforms you and eventually you will realize yourself as everything else and therefor have total control over everything. Your past, small human ego can not do this. It is not designed to do this.


All the best.

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