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This moment, stop:


• Take a visual picture, what you see is art, visual delight

• Listen to the sounds around you, this is music, aural ecstasy

• Feel the sensations in your body, it's heavenly form, what you are noticing is somatic bliss

• Smell the atmosphere, this is the intoxicating ether, this is chemical Nirvana

• Taste yourself, whether it be the food you are eating, or your saliva, all is self. This is the Self that composes everything.

• Know this Being, this is your Mind. All is Mind, including Matter. Matter and Mind rule each other. This is Yin and Yang.



These are the six senses.

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Namo Amitabha Buddha


Hi Songtsan,


Thank you very much for this uplifting thread.

We joy in life as we know no other way,this is the path.

Enjoy every moment as your life depended on it,as it does.

Thank you for the reminder,to be alive.


Blessings to all.


Humbly juls

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