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How we have all been forced into sexual slavery

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I mean exactly what I say.


You, men and women and anything in between, have been brain washed into thinking that people in relationships are meant to have sex frequently and often to orgasmic culmination for the purposes of creating a weak willed and easily controlled population.

The reason that this method is so successful is that when people constantly and consistently spend their jing, they lose their potency and become easily manipulated, because the science behind it is thus:


Upon orgasming, the testosterone receptors in the brain are downregulated, causing a reduction in Eros, confidence, creativity, sensuality and basically willpower.


Weak willed people become Sheeple.


Encouraged to engage in sex from a young age, through memes generated from a hateful few individuals who wish to create a herd mentality, most of the world's peoples are brainwashed to become sexual hedonists from a young age. Most Disney movies have hidden sexual content in them. Go google it and see.


By encouraging a culture of sex, everyone becomes mindless drones.


Anyone who has 'sexually fasted' for more than two weeks knows the benefits, regardless of whether you are male or female. You feel more energized, ready to go out and get shit done.


Nature doesn't encourage frivolous use of sexual energies....cultural memes and scripts have been created by hidden few that say it is manly to have sex often....


If you know how to have non-orgasmic, non-ejaculatory sex, good for you. Most people do not have the skill/control/discipline to withhold. They haven't built the habit energy.


there is more coming, but I am being interfered with unfortanately

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