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There is only one human experience. One. (with different tastes) Transformation is a process that is not individual in it's core.

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The informational approach is individual. The transformation itself beyond mental structures is equal to all "individuals". So to speak there is only one human experience in it's transformation.



No need to worry that one might have missed a thing. No need to gather more information. It is all the same.


So many different concepts, so many different languages. In essence their are all the same.


So wherever you are right now, you can explore more information that is available on this planet, or you can just stick with where you are at. It does not make any difference.


If we believe in a slowing effect, then yes, truly: More information slows down transformation, drasticly.


Picture taken from this video including what you/me/he/she/it already knew. Nothing new.

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