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fund raising idea

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I'm pals with Alx Utterman, she's a leader of Swami Kaleshwar related activities including healing classes, healings, teleconferences, blessing ceremonies, and running a homeless relief organization.


She had a multi-level marketing related fundraising brainwave that I would like to pass on to anyone interested in their own nonprofit fundraising which would also help out her effort. Alx is at and the powermall link is the fundraising idea. Basically, it is a bunch of online shopping portals in one location that pays a small referral fee if one buys from participating websites through the portal button.


I'm her pal and a fan of her activities and ambitions, but I am not involved in the above commission structure.


If you don't run a nonprofit, but know somebody who does and like the above idea, either cc Alx's powermall info or set up an account and cc that to make a modest override.


I haven't the foggiest idea what the commission structure looks like, but with portal buttons you need two things: a good cause, so people will bother to click to your site before they shop at amazon and a lot of those people.


For instance, if Sean were to put up a portal button for amazon at this site, it'd probably make him $20 a year, would be my guess... probably not worth it. A larger group with more of a cause would be needed.



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