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India a-z

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Made my first and very short family and vacation related trip to India during the last couple of weeks.... going from a-z does not really cover the vast diversity there from what little I saw of what could be seen during my trip!  Travel was not all that easy considering the crowds and related rushing per forms of various types of transportation and the instinctive, daredevil drivers of taxis, motorcycles and motorized 3 wheelers, (which by some form or force of miracle did not include the multiple accidents one would think to see!)  Also and thankfully for communications sake many Indians know and speak at least some English (as taught in their schools) and apparently read it even more via newspapers and when working with or in various forms of business.  I would like to go back some day with a lot better plans and after doing a lot more research.  For now I'll share just one out of dozens of touching examples from the great number of people and things I saw; it was of small boy in a poor slum area - he spoke volumes about the great Spirit of the Indian people - with his true, beautiful and friendly smile, standing straight and proud in his clean clothes along with a ready to go at it attitude, he was very rich in those ways - myself and everyone else around him was happy and smiling to see and share with him in that moment... 

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