Potential Professional Translations of Eastern Alchemical Texts

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Hello Everyone,


I thought I would throw out an opportunity for those interested in potentially having professional english translations of eastern alchemical texts. This is the original post from another forum:


Translation Suggestions




Translation Suggestions

The purpose of this thread is for people to suggest Alchemical (& Related) Texts that they
want to have/read, but are not currently available in English or in their native language. This thread is also a sort of spin-off from the

The intention here is to create a 'pool' of potential texts for translation and to see if there is actually any real interest in such a project.

A pool of potential
alchemical translators (from/to various languages) is already
'in the making'
, and emails from various (potential) translators offering their services have already been received in this Forum's Inbox.

The Source Texts may be in German, Latin, French, Arabic, Hebrew, Chinese, Sanskrit, etc...

So please, post your suggestions here and let's see if there is any interest to begin with!

You are all welcome and invited to post here the text(s) you would like to have translated (and are also willing to fund). You can also second/back/repeat/approve a text suggested by someone else, as this will be an even better indicator of general interest.

Let's see how this goes...


I am very interested in having more English translation of Eastern alchemical texts available to the public, however, my knowledge of these alchemical texts extends only to the ones already available in English.


So, to the point: if there are any texts out there that you know of which would be a wonderful contribution to the Western understanding of Eastern Alchemical practices (internal and/or external; theoretical and/or practical), that you would like to see professionally translated into English, it would be my pleasure to add them to the pool of texts to be considered on the other forum (


Either that, or you can join the other forum and become involved first hand with the submissions :)

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