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Found 4 results

  1. I found it while browsing old threads on the forum, not too long ago. It's my fault; I didn't give it the wanted attention. a daoist quote. I searched 4-5 terms looking for it but to no help. Maybe someone else has a better luck 7 treasures including jaded chi and crystal like bones (basically STRONG, natural frequency, etc.) The other 5 treasures were things like blood, bone marrow, skin?, hair?... - all bodily things (chi was the only 'psychic' treasure) But I'm not sure what they become like
  2. So in chapter 16 of the TTC, it ends with: "Immersed in the wonder of the Tao, you can deal with whatever life brings you. When death comes, you are ready". Ready for what? Is this gone into detail in any Taoist texts? At all?
  3. Hello Everyone, I thought I would throw out an opportunity for those interested in potentially having professional english translations of eastern alchemical texts. This is the original post from another forum: Translation Suggestions I am very interested in having more English translation of Eastern alchemical texts available to the public, however, my knowledge of these alchemical texts extends only to the ones already available in English. So, to the point: if there are any texts out there that you know of which would be a wonderful contribution to the Western understanding of Eastern Alchemical practices (internal and/or external; theoretical and/or practical), that you would like to see professionally translated into English, it would be my pleasure to add them to the pool of texts to be considered on the other forum ( Either that, or you can join the other forum and become involved first hand with the submissions
  4. Hello

    Hello i have some expertise in texts which might be of use to some. thanks.