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The first jhana - practice instructions

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THAT website is the last place i would go to seek advice about practice.

Is the place where spiritually deviant people gather.

I found that instruction particularly clear and insightful.


As for the topic of finding spiritual deviants, you will find spiritual deviants on all forums and TTB is no exception. Perhaps the forum with the nicest people is the Dhamma Wheel because there is an aura there of truly trying to help people. Other forums have their monsters too but because of judicial pruning and censorship their misinformation and troll droppings do not remain.

Other forums, like Dharma Wheel, are caustic and hard to frequent. But that is not the topic of this post.


If you have some problem with the instruction for attaining the first jhana in that link then please tell us.

I didn't think you were into Theravada anyway... More into Mahamudra.

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