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O ... the power ... the POWER!

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I loved this !


Reminded me of my time with the 3 boys also my friend's daughter who became a lion for a year (okay, no problem, I would feed her - my legs carefully avoiding the slashing claws ) on the floor in a bowl.




Once I was in the supermarket and there was a kid in a dinosaur costume smile.gif ... I saw him and mimicked fear, got the trolley between me and him ... slowly backed away, turned and ran ! I got to the end of the isle around the corner and furtively peeked back - he LOVED IT ! laugh.gif

Then the twin baby boys started growing up and they had a turn ... now in stereo ! bugeyed.gif

I think it is good to let kids experience that now and then, to show them adults aren't the all-powerful god of their world - I would even let them see my weaknesses, or share with them when I got into ' trouble ' off mum. "I did something wrong, I messed up" I would tell them, and they would console me (or give me a stern talking to laugh.gif )

Oh the POWER! One time when we were camping I spent ages getting water, boiling it on the fire, got all the dirty dishes and blackened cooking pots, cutlery and porridge encrusted spoons, did the washing up and had it all laid out on a towel drying in the sun. Just as I was doing the last ones I heard a strange tinkling sound and turned to see little Rumi (dear sweet little Rumi ) standing there .... deliberately pissing over the clean washing up .

I wasnt sure what was going to come out mad.gif or laugh.gif or both at the same time.

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