"Inside Zhan Zhuang" by Mark Cohen

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The Mark Cohen book does look interesting, I've considered buying myself. But, in fact, I would recommend this as the best book on ZZ I've ever seen:




It doesn't go into the martial aspects of ZZ at all, but it illustrates the foundations of the practice with a kind of elegant thoroughness, and attention to detail that is truly rare in qgong books. I can't think of a single book I own or have seen that is structured the way this one is.


I had a chance to show it to Lam Kam Chuen and he was more than impresed with it (I think he was maybe a little envious, psst). Peter den Dekker has been a direct student of Kam's for over twenty years.


I should mention that our own Bubbles first pointed the book out to me, and I remain grateful to him for the tip :-)

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