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Yang is needed to protect and control Yin!? - I am lacking Yang, bigtime. - Healthy lifestyle & Semen retention

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Ive been practicing Semen Retention for over a year now without much success. My record has been 38 days. It was in the summer when I was more active. I have been learning a lot lately and I think that I am on to a few things that could help me retain, but I wanted to discuss them here a little bit first.


Im learning about how Yang is needed to protect and control Yin. This is something that I did not understand previously. I currently do not have a job and I just study, read, and meditate a lot. This life style of mine, Ive recently realized is very Yin. Way too much Yin!


I just read a few pages on the proper Taoist diet and realized that I am also eating too many Yin foods. It is winter here as well and very cold which is also very Yin.


I also seem so have the most trouble when there is a full moon, and this in very Yin also!


This article explains a lot about how our modern habitat has much excess of Yin from toxic foods, drugs & alcohol, radiation, electromagnetic fields, too much information, stress, and even polluted air and water.


Here is some of it -



Traditional Chinese medical practitioners would say the reason for so many yin bodies is deficient chi or vital energy. Many factors can deplete the chi including one's diet, lifestyle, stress and other factors.

In particular, since 1940 or so, several factors have combined to render most bodies extremely yin.

  • Ionizing radiation. The atomic bomb, through testing and accidents, has spread radioactive fallout all over the planet. Low-level emissions occur from nuclear power plants, smoke detectors, computer monitors, television sets and fluorescent lamps. Widespread medical and dental use of x-rays, radioactive dyes and radiation therapy add to radiation exposure. Uranium mining is another source of low-level contamination. Fortunately, humanity has learned a lot about radioactive fallout and the safety is improving. However, the problem of rogue nations developing weapons and using them remains a serious problem.
  • Electromagnetic pollution. This is also very yin and growing at an astronomical rate with the advent of cell phone towers everywhere, computers in every home, especially laptop computers and hand-held devices like portable telephones. These all give off fields that are very yin and chaotic. Riding in airplanes with large spinning turbines in them near your head, and even riding in automobiles with large alternators spinning nearby also give off electromagnetic waves of varying degrees of chaos. Even house wiring and common radio and TV signals are quite yin, though not nearly as bad as cell phone radiation.
  • Toxic metals and chemicals everywhere. Industrial development and growth of the chemical industry has spread thousands of yin toxic chemicals throughout the environment. These include toxic metals such as lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, aluminum and beryllium. It also includes thousands of toxic chemicals such as solvents, pesticides, plastics and many other classes of compounds.
  • Changes in the food supply. These have been massive in the 20th and 21st century, and almost all are more yin. They include: soils depleted of minerals due to soil mining, essentially, use of hybrid crops, use of pesticides, use of superphosphate fertilizers. For example, wild fruit, like crab apples, are small, hard and not too sweet. Cultivated fruit is often larger and sweeter (more yin).
    Also, food is grown far away and transported thousands of miles in many cases to get to you. Also, some is irradiated, another very yin procedure.
  • Food refining. Most food processing and refining have made food far more yin. This includes refining of wheat, sugar, rice and other grains. It also includes adding thousands of toxic chemicals to prepared food, most of which are yin or have a yin effect.
  • Dietary changes. The diets have also become more yin, with the consumption of much more white sugar, white flour instead of whole grains, and less red meat and fat consumption. Items like soda pop, beer and wine are also far more yin than water, tea or coffee. Sugar-eating is probably the most important of all of these dietary shifts.
  • Medical drug use. This is a more yang approach to health care than some types, but now has turned yin because it is so overused. Especially the passage of Medicare and Medicaid in America in 1967 and similar socialized programs in other nations, have resulted in tremendous use of yin chemicals as medicines. Almost all prescription drugs are yin. This includes most popular drugs such as antibiotics, anti depressants and many others. Surgery and radiation therapy are also extremely yin.
  • Recreational drug and alcohol use. This includes marijuana, heroine, alcohol, tobacco, ecstasy, cocaine, psilosybin or magic mushrooms and other drugs are very yin. They cause a “yin high”.
  • Planetary pollution. This has caused a mixture of more yin and more yang conditions. As explained earlier, toxic metals are yang, of themselves, but they cause chaos in the bodies, making them much more yin. Oxygen in the air is reduced in the cities, which is more yang. However, this also causes disease that is yin. Polluted air, water and food, overall, has a very yin effect on mankind today.
  • Planetary cycles play a role. "The age of Aquarius" is not just the name of a song. It is a planetary position in the 25,000-year cycle of our solar system through the Milky Way as the galaxy revolves around our central sun located in the Pleiades. It will last about 2000 years. Its qualities are a time of change, reflection, questioning and the chaos that goes with it. It began around 1940 and will last until about 3100.
    It is a time when a more yang approach to life and yangizing influences are needed to offset new ideas and concepts which tend to be yin. It is also an age of information which is yin and it is a radioactive age – with nuclear weapons and so on, which is also very yin and these must be balanced with a more yang diet and lifestyle and attitudes that are more yang such as taking responsibility for oneself. The former age, the Piscean age, by contrast was a more yang time with lead in the environment, for instance, and required more fruit and juices and salads in the diet than is required today. more in link.



In America today, many of the people who are rebelling against the problems that they see in our society do so in a way that actually goes against their goals of building a strong and healthy Yang body & mind. Ive traveled all over and mingled with so many people who have switched over to raw food diets and this is extremely Yin in nature. Fruit is also extremely Yin as well. The most Yang of all foods are actually Salt Eggs Red Meat Poultry Fish, and with so many of these healthy striving individuals going raw foods, vegan, or vegetarian, they are lacking Yang in their bodies, when in actuality what they need to counter the environmental problems we face today is more Yang and less Yin!

If the meat was raised with care, and did not have toxic steroids and other problems then I would consume some occasionally. Maybe I will go get some deer meat from a family member and eat some of that once and a while.


Meditation is a very Yin activity I just learned, and these are the types of people that are beginning to meditate more and more. I have been meditating for hours every day and my problem with nocturnal pollutions has only been getting worse! while I originally thought that meditation would be the problem solver.


Everyone is talking about the new age of Aquarius and the divine feminine. There is much talk about how we need to cultivate our feminine side and remove our masculine, but this seems to be the wrong approach because we need the proper balance of Yin & Yang in order to be well. I see so many people becoming way too Yin, myself included now. This has been a breakthrough for me I believe, and I would like to discuss it with some of you here.


I have realized that I was much happier when I have a Yang nurturing lifestyle, and this seems to be why I am happiest when I travel to new countries that are hot and sunny. I am so much more active, hiking around and being very physical. This is when I tent to feel very much alive and really adore my life. When I come back to boring upstate new York, I tent to go into hibernation mode, especially in the winder months and become quite miserable in comparison.


I really need to force myself to get out, start doing some form of martial arts or training of some kind, and start eating more Yang foods. Im not saying that there is anything wrong with a vegetarian diet or even vegan, but Raw foods, yes - not good.

I am a vegetarian myself, I will not start eating mass produced meats and such things but I will certainly be eating more eggs and whole grains, and less raw foods. I will also not be eating my daily banana &papaya smoothie breakfast, and I will be going instead for more cooked stir-fry meals and traditional yang style dishes.


One question that I have is - Is semen more Yin tor Yang? In Taoist Yoga discussions that I have read, It says that the testicular energy is cold energy - or Yin energy.

If I knew how to convert it into Yang energy that would be great I think, even better doing so in a Yang manner and not a Yin meditation?


Any tips would be greatly appreciated, I would love to discuss this further with you folks!

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I am reading a book called "Food Energetics" by Steve Gagne.


It says that we need to disperse the heat of certain foods like eggs throughout the body with black pepper. Eggs are energetically very down and out, and hot, so eating too much of these without dispersing the energy would actually promote nocturnal pollution unless it is dispersed throughout the body with something like pepper!

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