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Taoist Texts

4 符言 Fuxin Words from registers

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19 符言:



Lao-zi said:


The implementation of Dao is straightforward, all there is to it is to wait for the mandate*. When it comes - you must not counter and resist it; when it is taken away - you must not stall and cling to it. That is why the sages do not advance to seek it, do not retreat to yield it, follow the times for the three years**, the time goes – I go, after the three years have passed – the timing is up to me, so I neither leave nor arrive, but occupy the proper centre.


The Heavenly Dao is non-partisan, and (awards mandates) to only those with De, when good fortune arrives – it is not because I sought it specifically, so no point in bragging about the merit; when a misfortune arrives – it is not because I gave rise to it specifically, so no point in deploring the conduct.


So be serene in your heart, do not wear out its De, do not be scared of barking dogs, trust your passions, do not divide your sincerity. It is like this, that those who have penetrated the implementation of Dao do not doubt, and those who understand the mandate do not regret.


For when the emperor passes away his bones are hid in the wilderness, sacrifices are made to him in the Temple of Brightness, but it is his spirit that is the most valuable in his body, therefore when your spirit controls your body the body obeys, but when the body overcomes the spirit – the spirit depletes, although its intelligence is keen. You must return to the all bodily spirits which is called the Great Penetration.


*to the kingdom

**3 years of grieving for the previous king


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