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2 精誠 Jingcheng The sincerity of the essence

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Lao-zi said: the great Dao does not act, it not acting means it is immaterial, immateriality means no location, no location – no shape, no shape - no movement, no movement – no words, no words means Dao is silent, mute, shapeless; what is mute and shapeless, can not be seen by sight can not be heard by hearing. As such it is defined as ‘the subtle wonder’, ‘the utter spirit’, ‘continuously guarded’, ‘the root of Heaven and Earth’.

The Dao being mute, the sages tenuously assign it a shape, formulating it as ‘the Dao of Heaven and Earth’. Similarly as everything large starting from a small root, the numerous takes its beginning from the few – the Son of Heaven makes the Heaven and Earth into his utensils, makes all things into his capital. Thus his meritorious De becomes the greatest, his awesome title becomes the dearest, the best of two virtues, that of the king and his subjects* match like the Heaven and Earth. That is why he can not but follow the rut of the great Dao to become the mother of the Under Heaven.






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