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activation phases? Your experience?

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i believe people start experiencing sleep paralysis type experiences before activating a new energy center in the head or above the head. I call these activation phases or experiences. These experiences can be quite extreme and frightful. I think It is because the energy center is hyper-active and allows states of borderline OBE.



These experiences in my opinion are very similar to inhaling that gas from the Batman Begins movie, things or objects near a person take some type of being. Usually sinister and frightful.


The native americans talk about experiencing one's shadow totem, and a few indian sages tell me when one leaves their body for the first time they may have a grim reaper type experiences, all of these seem related but probably a little more extreme or advanced.


THe native americans would also talk about it being evil to sleep during the day time. I notice that sleep paralysis OBE experiences happen most often during the day time. Also lucid dreams.


But if one has a lot of vibrations they could be more susceptible.

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