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New to the community - hi all

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Hi everyone :)

My name is Chris and I'm I'm philosopher and a spiritualist at heart and am on a quest to learn more about various cultural and spiritual beliefs as a way to integrate more knowledge into my own perceptions and beliefs. I believe Taoism/Daoism will be a key part of this.



I've always admired Taoism and its deeply rooted eastern traditions. Recently I've become more attached to this ancient atmosphere which I feel possesses high wisdom and knowledge found rarely anywhere else - and done so amidst a simplicity of sorts. And for this it's specifically beautiful.


To me "the way"is part of an inner knowing that simply makes sense, complex - and dynamic yes, but at the same time embodied within our natural instinct to just know and flow. If that makes any sense. I've always been attuned Taoism/Daoism but am now taking on a very proactive effort to get my hands on and read through as much literature and ancient texts.
Through the teachings of Taoism I hope to shape my own spiritual development towards connecting with the way/flow and hopefully be able to make a positive impact towards those around me while being ever closer and one with nature.

Thanks for having me - and I look forward to learning and discussing.
Peace / Love / Balance

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Hello Chris, and welcome to the forums!


That was a lovely introduction, thank you :-)


Please take the time to read the two posts pinned at the top of this Welcome page and take a look at the forum terms and rules. This covers all you need to know when getting started.


For the first week you will be restricted to ten posts per day but after that you can post as much as you like. Also, until you’ve posted fifteen times in the forums, you’ll be a “Junior Bum” with somewhat restricted access and will be allowed only two private messages per day.


Good luck in your pursuits and best wishes to you,


SC and the TTB team



Special Note: all female members are more than welcome to join the discussions at our new

Women’s Cultivation forum, moderated by rainbowvein and zanshin

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