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Natural occurence of 5-MeO-DMT to expand perception into total beingness. You, are creator.

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Natural occurence of 5-MeO-DMT to expand perception into total beingness?


Your brain.


Get enough light, get enough darkness.


Naturally all glands will start to produce all their natural secretion. One is specifically a substance called DMT, humans at one point in their realization on this planet started to look and find outside of themselves and they were lead to plants. Today it is most commonly found in the brew we call Ayahuasca.


If you have ever taken any plant substance that opens the filters of your limited human mind, which also Taoists openly did, then you will understand instantly (depending on intelligence and life experience) that these substances only show you who You are. And not show you some fantasy or escape (most consumers seek). They will only find themselves and their own perception.


Can you grasp the importance?


Ask yourself what you consume as food on a daily basis: Do you want to narrow your perception or expand it?


If you then also meditate, you will know that these plants only provide you with material that you already have inherent in your own being.


It's like an energy that accesses one of your taste buds and your mind thinks that the thing you eat has a taste.. while in essence all tastes, smells.. all senses are inside yourself already and complete. This is modern trickery of our minds thinking we need a certain food with a certain flavour (vibration, energy) while in truth we can create any flavor in ourselves.


When I discovered this I understood why so few individuals WANT to understand this: Because we are trained from an early age in this body, through incarnation over and over again, that we have to seek completion Outside of ourselves. Which is complete and total falsity.

5-MeO-DMT, the most potent entheogen known to mankind, is produced naturally, in your brain. This ultimate lets you realize what you truly are, as pure consciousness and all the treasures within. For consciousness is the key to everything. Know yourself as pure consciousness, have a key that fits in every hole.. oh God, Creator, what a clever invention :) I bow to you, bow to myself.


What you need to do is:

  • expose your Self and your body to as much sunlight as possible
  • start sungazing if you like, it has wonderful health benefits. Light and color treatment we have nowadays is a light-version of sungazing.
  • go to bed early (9pm is perfect) and sleep in complete darkness, meaning cover everything up that lets artificial light into your room
  • know that your mind is composed of the things you eat. Eat mind opening foods. This "could" include species that are have a more open perception as humans. I surely dont recommend this. As horrid and as truthful as it sounds (because you do it daily) consume consciousness that lives in abundance and harmoniously (specific plants, nothing predatory or you.. become.. predator and prey, again)


the chemical transformation in your body works as followed:


tryptophan > seratonin > melatonin > dmt


tryptophan from plant based food. Spirulina and all kinds of edible seagras are the main source of all plants on this planet, known to this point (2014)


seratonin is produced during the day and is converted into melatonin during the night. They are interdependant. Meaning that if you have less S you will have less M. Less M means not a deep and regenerative sleep. Much S means much M which means a greater DMT production as an end-result.


And what does this DMT? Basicly you can see it as a spiritual molecule. Metaphysical. Spiritual and physical.


We as consciousness were never designed to stay 24/7 in this human body. We were designed to exit this body consciously when ever we want. Most naturally occuring during "night" cycles on this planet.


But our descension through all of our misleading and abusive behaviours has lead to calcification in these regions that are naturally allowing us to evolve.


So what we need in the first place is: A knowing that we are consciousness itself. We are in this human body, we are not (only) this body. We can be in all things, as consciousness. If we allow ourselves this truth, we set something very deep within us in motion. This will over time bring us naturally in a state of where we understand all pieces of the puzzle.


You MUST want transformation, you can not only rely on information. And then think something will happen TO you. No, never. YOU ARE A CREATOR, YOU ARE THE! CREATOR. You decide what happens and when you put yourself into this state of mind you will remember and you will see that you were sleeping and you became lazy.. you started to consume.


You started to consume the creation of others. Instead of creating yourself. Through the consumption of others (matter on this planet as food for example) you started to identify yourself with - the other - and began to question "..okay this is not me.. but Who am I?"


Can you see this? Can you understand this?


Be WILLING to change and the stone starts rolling. Yes, this is difficult at first (coming from my own experience) because we are not used to change and transform and EVOLVE in every.. every.. EVERY.. living second we ARE (here). We integrated vacations.. pauses.. breaks.. because we couldnt stand our own constant miscreation.


But gladly this comes now sooner or later to an end.

I am telling you all of this, because the veils are naturally getting thinner and thinner.. and if you are not consciously allowing yourself to become more and lovingly accepting truth.. then the suffering (of your own past doings, no one elses) will become unbearable.


Individuals who are currently transforming might already feel this.. feel themselves going through a lot of pain, naturally, for this is a natural process when karma gets cleared.. you can understand that (especially now with even more confusion created on this planet) it will not get much more pleasant by itself.


It is perfectly fine to make one step back and then in the next moment (near future) be willing to make two steps forward to bring yourself, over time, into a state of gradual evolution. Even in ancient texts it is said that "..the Guru will ascend and descend many times before ultimate realization is."



Never forget that it is your sole choice as creator. Either you create or you will be created and shaped by God. Both ways are supreme and perfect, but from an egoic point of view.. the latter hurts.

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Very good! :)


... I can experience the perfume of roses + the taste of oranges and so on... when I put my mind to it...

We are ultimately self perpetuating beings without need for any external ...

.. the foods we consume are light in different forms.... the closer to the source the more light ... til you absorb light itself... and from there...

Light is Consciousness.

Trees I believe are one of the greatest intelligences in the universe.... the Cosmic Tree ;)

What a powerful being... turning light into... all the fruits of the earth.... and wondrous visions... flowers and perfumes.... by the power of light and water....

The Tree/ plants give us much, I appreciate them very much... it saddens me to think of building and cutting trees... I have to find a way around this.

I have been fruitarian the past 4 days. Living from the fruits of trees, what they offer we humans to live.... and truly live....

The next step is direct Light... all in good time...


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